Brahmi (Vallarai) powder 100g

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Best Before 6 Months from Packing



100% Pure Brahmi (Vallarai) powder naturally dried.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Vallarai Keerai is an excellent source of Vitamin C,B Complex, as well as a host of powerful antioxidants. Vallarai helps in boosting metabolism ,boosting Immunity against infections and promoting brain functions. Supports proper function of the nervous system. Promotes memory and concentration. Supports stress levels, resulting in lower hair fall and premature greying when applied on hair as pack or mixed with oil.

How to Use

How to Use

Soup Recipe:- 1 tsp of Brahmi Powder,required water,Crushed Garlic,Crushed Shallots,Salt Turmeric Powder & Hing.Boil the ingredients for 5-7 min.Filter and serve hot. Rasam Recipe:-Brahmi Powder can also be added with normal rasam powder to make it a healthy rasam for cold.Instead of Tamarind add Tomatoes.

Storage Instruction

Storage Instruction

Pls store in airtight / moisture free container once the packet is opened

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5 reviews for Brahmi (Vallarai) powder 100g

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