About Ammisamayal

This online store is dedicated to all those who wish to cherish a healthy diet & lifestyle.

What We Do?

This online store is dedicated to all those who wish to cherish a healthy diet & lifestyle. The chemical-free and traditional edibles that have submerged under the unhealthy rush of life are brought back by Ammi Samayal. We solely try to build a platform where our customers enjoy full satisfaction of consuming the nutritional food items. There are no added preservatives in the packages that destroy the purity of products. With our establishment at Keeranatham, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, try our best to reach out to all the possible areas of the country to deliver these tastes and minerals rolled in Ammi Samayal’s love. 

How We do?

We take utmost care to make the farm produces edible for our people. Our products do not undergo any harmful processing. We take most of the primary products (90%) directly from the farmers and bring out the taste without killing their nutrients and health benefits. We aim to make “maximum possible good for the maximum number of people”. For this purpose, we have ties with prominent online trading platforms. All these make sure that any enthusiast from any corner of the country can rely on our products. Further, the reviews on our website are a testimony of the selfless effort our team makes!

Healthy Society, Healthy Nation

Ever since my childhood, I saw my mother and my granny (who stays in my native village is still healthy and happy at the age of 96 only because of the healthy diet) feed me delicious traditional food. This is the reason I am always so inclined towards the healthy intake of food. The chaotic routine has dragged people towards the junk food lifestyle. Our vision is to empower people with a rich native diet. No matter what you cook, cook using the right ingredients. All these also ensure a close step to our dear farmers who work hard for the indigenous people! As you go through the website and all the products, you will get an idea of the natural ingredients we use. In case you are yet not a part of our family, our website and trading network are right here to help you decide your healthy diets! 

Healthy Diet Highlight

It was after my graduation that I focused so keenly on the diet side! I, Tilaka Divek quit my fashion designing career to introduce the platform of Ammisamayal.com to bring together a team that works for a healthy society. We have a variety of products, like the woodpressed oil, country sugar, flour, etc. that help you prepare a healthy delight. Our team chooses every product with utmost precision to ensure your satisfaction. This is the reason we have a strong customer base who feel proud of trusting Ammi Samayal.


We highly advise our lovely customers to quit the habit of fast food and replace it with a rich, tasty, and healthy diet. Maintaining your fitness needs is as important as coping with your fast life. Natural, unprocessed, vitamin-rich food is extremely important for everyone to lead a happy life. It’s your gut that actually decides your mood. So, do not miss out on nurturing yourself!

We hope that the above words are enough for you to understand how delicately we are trying to provide people with the best food products. It is always proud for us to let our people know about the baby steps they can take to make living a better one.

You are always welcome whether you are a conscious customer or looking forward to collaborating with us! We are also open to collaborate with all the wonderful ladies and senior citizens who reside in private home or apartment.