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Wood pressed ( Marachekku ) Natural Edible Groundnut Oil 5 Litre

Wood pressed ( Marachekku ) Natural Edible Groundnut Oil 5 Litre

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Traditional Method of extracting Oil using wooden ghani (Mara Chekku) makes the process slow yet nutritional preserving the natural quality of the product.
Best Oil suited from ancient times for Edible as well as beauty purposes.
Cold (Wood) pressed oil is extracted slowly in Vagai marachekku (wooden ghani) which is practised from ages in order to prevent heating of oil.
Peanut or Groundnut oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds.
Peanut oil also contains monounsaturated fatty acids, like oleic acid, which increase the levels of “good cholesterol” called HDL in the blood.
This beneficial cholesterol actually helps to scrape off and reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and lower your risk of developing coronary heart diseases and strokes.
its rich in vitamin E which prevents ageing of skin. the impressive levels of resveratrol in peanut oil boosts immune system.

14 reviews for Wood pressed ( Marachekku ) Natural Edible Groundnut Oil 5 Litre


    The packing is poor. on delivery found the pocket was torn and the powder was spilled all over the other items in the parcel. When I reported I have been told that I will be componsated during next order. I may think twice before reorder.

  2. Tilak

    Country sugar quality is Good and natural……..
    Excellent services from Ammi samayal

  3. Divek

    Tastes good as natural…… good to use for daily usage in coffee, tea instead of white sugar…..
    Kids likes the taste very much……..

  4. Sivakumar C.


  5. Harinder G.

    Past 6 months we are using this oil. Good for Health

  6. Sekhar M.

    You haven’t replied to my complaint about the leakage packing of gingily oil till can judge what will be the rating I will give for your products.till now I have not used the oils sent by you.worst sevice.sorry to say this

  7. Jogeshwer B.

    Very happy with the groundnut oil, which I have been using for almost 2yrs.
    Only thing is it take too long to be delivered I wish it would come in a shorter duration.

  8. K L.

    Good quality

  9. Karthick G.

    Price is too high.

  10. Neeti S.

    Quality of oil is good

  11. Palanichamy M.

    Product quality is good…. packing and delivery time is good…

  12. Hemanshu K.

    Good quality products

  13. Vishakha J.


  14. Arthi D.

    Very nice product to consume.

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