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Unpolished sand ground Thoor dal (lentil) 1Kg (thuvaram paruppu)

Unpolished sand ground Thoor dal (lentil) 1Kg (thuvaram paruppu)

(9 customer reviews)

195.00 price incl. of GST


Unpolished Sand ground Thoor dal is actually a country variety thoor dal which is not processed in machines, but its covered with mud for a night and ground in rock grinders to remove the husk. Hence its not polished and retains its health benefits. Its a Protien factory. Hence its not only tasty but also Healthy

9 reviews for Unpolished sand ground Thoor dal (lentil) 1Kg (thuvaram paruppu)


    Living in North India, I have tried this for the very first time – as poha, payasam/kheer and breakfast cereal. Easy to cook and good to eat. Thanks.

  2. Rajeev K.

    The packet of dal received was totally torn. All the dal had come out of the package. Almost 1/4 th of the dal wasted.

  3. V V.

    This is the best Arhar Dal we bought after decades..Natural Unpolished this dal cooks well and has a very good taste. Superb

  4. Kalpana.J

    Quality of dal was great. First-rate service.

  5. P J.

    first class quality and for once, the picture on the website was actually the product delivered.

    congrats on the good work and quality.

  6. V V.

    I have been using Ammi Samayal Products for a couple of years now. They are the best available. The daals cook so well and tasty. Their cold pressed oils are the best. Their Masalas are very yummy too

  7. Sunethra V.

    This is my fourth order . I am very happy that I found this product .


    All the products are superb. Nice fragrance. Very good

  9. Rakeela R.

    Really tasty love it

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