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Pathimugam (Ayurvedic herbal water mix) 100g

Pathimugam (Ayurvedic herbal water mix) 100g

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Ingredients :
Pathimugam (Indian red wood)
Vettiver (Ramacham),
Nannari (Naruneendi)
Elakkai (Cardamom)
Kurumilagu (Black pepper)
Chukku (Dry ginger)
Sathakuppai (Dill seeds)

Health Benefits :
Karungali – Reduces cholesterol, increases iron content in blood

Pathimugam (Indian red wood) – Blood purifier, anti-oxidant, good for heart

Vettiver (Ramacham) – cooling the body, calming the mood & reduces stress

Nannari (sarasaparilla) – relief from constipation & blood purifier, strengthens immunity

Elakkai (Cardamom) – cancer fighting, helps digestion, lowers BP

Kurumilagu (Black pepper) – High in antioxidant, Detoxifies body

Chukku (Dry ginger) – eliminates toxins, relives from headache, cold & fever

Sathakuppai (Dill seeds) – helps in respiratory disorders, cures bad breath

How to use : Add 1/4 tsp of the pathimugam herbal mix to 2 liters of water and boil the same for 3 to 4 min untill the pink colour & other ingredients are well extracted in water. filter and consume on regular basis.


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