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Ikkiyam Neem Cake Granules, 1 kg (Brown) வேப்பம் புண்ணாக்கு 1 Kg

Ikkiyam Neem Cake Granules, 1 kg (Brown) வேப்பம் புண்ணாக்கு 1 Kg

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Neem Cakes come in different types of packaging and there are different ways to use them. Below is a list of the different types of cakes available:

Neem Cake granules are used as a fertilizer and manure in farming and in agriculture. The cake is made from the Neem Tree seed residue; it’s environmentally friendly too and has the highest azadirachtin content as it is made from all the parts of the Neem Tree.
Neem Cake Powder is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur and calcium. It’s a natural product and is used for growth and a high yield of crops. The nutrient content and fertility of the soil increase when Neem Powder is mixed with it.
Neem Cake manure helps in producing a greater crop harvest than synthetic manures. It not only helps to increase the fertility of the soil but also acts as a pest repellent.
Neem Cake Bio Mix is a mixture of bio and organic fertilizer with Neem being one of its main ingredients. It is used to enrich the soil by providing essential required nutrients.
Neem Cake Fertilizer is the most favored product used for plant fertilization by farmers and gardeners. It also acts as a bio fertilizer by providing the required nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorus necessary for growing crops and plants. Its use basically ensures a high yield of crop. Neem is used for both cash and food crops, such as sugarcane and vegetables.


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