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Jamun Seeds powder (100% Pure & Natural) – 250 Gms

Jamun Seeds powder (100% Pure & Natural) – 250 Gms

180.00 price incl. of GST

Ingredients – Dried Jamun seeds


Health Benefits – Jamun seed is highly beneficial in controlling blood sugar level due to its astringent properties

It supports liver functions and also possesses anti-oxidant properties. it helps promote the working of the digestive system. it is also useful in enhancing the functions of the pancreas.

Jamun seeds also works as blood cleanser hence is used in curing skin related problems, such as acne, oil skin, dark spots etc…


FOOD additives – NIL

NO artificial preservatives added

NO artificial colours added


How to Use –

1. Mix 1 tsp of Jamun seeds powder to water and drink twice per day

2. Jamun seeds powder can be taken as tea by boiling in plain water


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