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ikkiyam Red Rice Flakes 250g – Gluten free

ikkiyam Red Rice Flakes 250g – Gluten free

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Red rice flakes / POHA Red rice poha or Flakes is made by first par-boiling the red rice and pounding it to remove husk and flattening it. Then the beaten rice is left to dry in the sun.

Red poha is a little coarse in texture than the regular white variant.

While the taste is quite easy to like by many people. You will need to make different poha dishes using beaten red rice to acquire the taste for it. Just like white poha, red rice poha can be used for every dish.

This poha is also a rich source of iron and hence pregnant women are advised to include this in their regular diets.

It is easily available and also the dish takes less time to make.


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